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What Is A Good Landlord?


Did you ever wonder what a good landlord looked like? Do you know how to even tell if a landlord is good or bad? This section of the website will help answer both these questions. It will provide you with a comprehensive profile of a good landlord and will help you to understand what to look for when meeting a landlord for the first time. At the end, we have also included a list of recommended landlords from students across Queen’s University.

5 Tips For Finding a Good Landlord

Your landlord can be the difference between using your money wisely and throwing it away on a poorly maintained house. These expert tips are designed to help you find the honest and attentive landlord that you need in the student university housing district.

  1. 1.Try For Transparency

It is very important that your landlord is honest, but it is equally important that they are transparent as well. Experts have stated that being transparent about a rental property is one of the most important qualities of a good landlord. Your landlord should be upfront about the details of the house that you are renting.

  1. 2.Find Flexibility

Its great if you can find a landlord that is willing to work with you. The landlord should be understanding and open to what you say. It is great to work with a landlord that can work within real life obstacles, if they occur. A good landlord is willing to work with you instead of against you.

  1. 3.Pick Promptness

Things are bound to go wrong with such old houses. You should look for a landlord that can deal with any issues in a timely manner. A good landlord is one who takes maintenance calls seriously and ensures that all concerns are dealt with. It is recommended that you get the potential landlord to commit to an expected time frame for addressing concerns. You should also enquire about the maintenance process to make sure the landlord takes it seriously and has a plan if anything were to happen.

  1. 4.Choose Customer Focused

It is important that the landlord understands that you are the reason that makes their business run. Be on the lookout for the landlords who consider themselves to be above students. These landlords think of themselves as big shots and are usually focused solely on making money. If your potential landlord doesn’t feel that the customer is always right, than you’re better off looking for a different one.

  1. 5.Choose active and helpful

The best landlords are the one’s who help you feel at home in your new house. Good landlords will walk you through your house and teach you all that you need to know. For example, good landlords will often email you when to turn your heat on and what to set it too. Good landlords are the one’s who are always their to help. They are available and allow their tenants to contact them with any questions they have. A good landlord is one who is actively making an effort to keep in contact while you are living in their house.  

A great way to get some of this information is to do some research on your potential landlord. Make sure you look at the various awards that are given out as well.

Profiled Landlords

Keep in mind that this is just a small list of landlords that we have had good experiences with. These are not the only good landlords in Kingston. There are many other good landlords out there you just have to do your research to find out who they are.


John Walker owns numerous properties in Kingston. He takes renting very seriously and is genuinely concerned about his renters. He is a great communicator and makes sure all your needs are met. He also is very prompt and deals with all issues in a very timely manner. John is definitely a landlord you should look into. 


Reid and Smith properties are a highly reputable landlord. They own many student houses, ranging from two bedroom apartments to six bedroom houses, that are located minutes from campus.

Both Reid and Smith Properties have received the AMS Landlord of the Year Award and they participate in the Voluntary Inspection Program as well as the Queen’s Landlord Agreement Program that is run by the AMS.  


Varsity Properties designs, builds and manages affordable, luxury student housing that is located minutes from campus. Their properties range from bachelor apartments to seven bedroom houses.

One thing that sets Varsity Properties apart from other landlords is the housekeeping services that is included in the rent! They also shovel, plow and sand all walkways so you don’t have too. They even send out emails to remind you about garbage day!


Queen’s Community Housing is also a great option for students. The properties are all managed by Queen’s University and are all located in the student village or by West Campus. The units available range from bachelor apartments to eight bedroom houses and some units have utilities included while others do not. All of the properties are given to students in a lottery process


Jess and Ewen are both Queen’s grads and they have been providing exceptional rental housing for over 15 years. The style of accommodations range from 2 bedroom apartments to 8 bedroom houses. They also have 24/hour maintenance and starting in May 2012 they will be offering bi-weekly housekeeping as well as a garbage curb service.

Ewen is also the President of the Kingston Rental Property Owners Association and serves as a Director with the Canadian Federation of Apartment Associations.